1. I am interested in telemedicine: how do I determine if it is an option for me?

  • We encourage you to discuss your interest in telemedicine with your clinician during your appointment to determine if this might be a fit for you. Currently telemedicine is offered to provide a more efficient way for mental health professionals to communicate with their patients/clients.

2. What if my provider doesn’t offer telemedicine?

  • All SyMedica Network Department of Psychological Services, and its certified Network of Mental Health Providers provide Telemedicine services.

3. Will my insurance cover telemedicine visits?

  • Most “ALL” commercial insurance cover Telemedicine but allow our administrative staff to do all the work in seeking avenues to make sure you get covered. Its not a guarantee you will be covered by your insurance, but our staff works on your behalf of making sure you receive the care you need.

4. Will I still be required to come into the doctor’s office?

  • It is best to speak to your provider about the most effective plan for your care. We typically recommend that patients participating in Telemedicine continue to see their provider face to face on a periodic basis. You and your provider can work together to determine a routine that works best for your specific needs.

5. Are telemedicine video appointments HIPAA Complaint?

  • SyMedica Network Department of Psychological Services, and its certified Network of Mental Health Providersensures the interaction between the patient and clinician is completely secure and HIPAA compliant. The teleconferencing software encrypts all forms of data, including video and audio.

6. What Devices & OS Are Supported?


  • Windows 7 or later
  • 2GHz dual-core CPU for up to 3-way calls.
  • i5 or i7 CPU is recommended for group video calls.
  • VSee only works on Windows Surface tablet with full Windows OS.


  • OS X 10.11 or later
  • Please click hereif you need VSee for OS X 10.10 and below.
  • Known compatibility issues with OS X version for Mac. See here.


  • iOS 11 or later
  • iPad Air or newer
  • iPad Mini 2nd generation or newer
  • iPhone SE or newer


  • Android 4.4 Kitkat or later
  • NEON compatible ARM processor or x86 processor
  • Dual core CPU
  • Amazon Fire phone and tablets 2014 or later

Other Device Recommendations:

  • Google Pixel 1 or newer

7. What Browsers Are Supported?

Javascript must be enabled, and cookies must be allowed. See guide.

  • IE 11 (exclude IE in metro mode)
  • IE Edge
  • Chrome (latest version and previous version)
  • Firefox (latest version and previous version)*
  • Safari (latest version and previous version, private mode is unsupported)
  • Internet Browser (default browser on some Android devices)**

* Firefox is not supported on iOS and Android
** Internet Browser is not supported on some Android devices (ie: Samsung tab 3 (Android 4.1.2), Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android 5.0)).