Online medical continuing education courses are a great way to get credits you need to stay current with your credentials 24 X 7 on your own schedule. Like all SyMedica continuing education provide participants with operational solutions, proactive compliance programs, and benchmarked clinical services protocol for those that want to meet the highest watermark within the healthcare industry.

Each online course comes with its own set of materials which includes:

  • Presentation slides
  • Applicable course resources
  • Applicable templates
  • Continuing education units (CEU) quizes
  • Course certificate of completion

Current Active Online Continuing Education Courses:

The following online continuing education courses are currently ready for purchase on our online training platform.

Healthcare Employee Compliance Bootcamp

The material presented in this online continuing education course has been used by hundreds of clinicians to virtually wipe out their liability when it comes to employee mistakes. You just need to apply the legal doctrine of “respondent superior” to yourself and your practice. Applied correctly, “respondent superior” can protect you from virtually any employee statue or regulatory violation.

Stay Up to Date on New Continuing Education Courses

Many other online medical continuing education courses are currently in production. So, stay tuned and check back often to see the new online continuing education course are ready for you. You can also sign-up for our newsletter by completing the registration form in the sidebar to receive regular updates on new information and online courses.

Continuing Education Courses

CEC 1224 – Documentation – Clinicians with the Write Stuff- (On-Line)
CEC 1169 – Domestic Violence (On-Line)
CEC 1223 – Encountering Violence in the Health Care Workplace – (On-Line)
CEC 1203 – Essential Facts about HIV/AIDS (On-Line)
CEC 1109 – Florida Laws and Rules of Board 491 (On-Line)
CEC 1199 – Medical Error Reduction – (On Line)
CEC 1228 – Personalized Motivational CD
CEC 1231 – Recognition and Treatment of Impaired Healthcare Practitioners (On-Line)

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