Primary Responsibility:  Director of Education, Course Authors

Scope: Course Authors

Policy: SyMedica’s Continuing Education department writer’s program for course authors to submit quality original content for publishing with SyMedica.

Purpose: The purpose and mission of The SyMedica Group is to provide quality resources and services for healthcare practitioners for the purpose of personal and professional growth. Our Impaired Practitioners program, Caduceus Educational Partners, Inc. is designed to provide an enriching, positive, and supportive environment for SyMedica facilitators and participants. Towards this purpose, SyMedica has created a continuing education program that will address the most current subject matter in the nursing, medical, and behavioral psychology fields to promote personal and professional growth of our faculty, staff, and participant members.


SyMedica must approve any course writings for continuing education credit offerings with the appropriate board before compensation is given to the course author.

SyMedica will compensate the Course Author based in quality of content, fluency, ideas, organization, presentation, level of education, training, and experience, certifications, and production. SyMedica reserves the right to increase course authors base compensation rate and/or provide writer’s bonus based on experience, any of the criteria above and successful course writings with SyMedica.